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Artist | Student | Varied
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Mad Scientist & Total Dog Nut
B.A. Biology
Studio Art Minor
Veterinary School Student

Current Residence: Sol: 3
Personal Quote: "I see the world through dog-colored glasses." -Holly Winter (Susan Connant)

Loves: wolves, Dogs, Dogshows, having pockets full of Dog-treats, Dog-slobber, horses, cats (ears and tongues especially), an assortment of other wild animals, biology, fantasy, science fiction, trees, sea oats, fireflies, wind, water, mountains, storms, sailboats, doodling, stories, clay, food, and sad songs...

Doesn't love: irresponsible pet owners, fruit flies invading her living space, computer viruses, migraines, and organic chemistry...

Rika's Dog
Flat-coated Retriever
Titles/Designations: CH RA NAJ CGC TDI -1 OAJ leg, 2 RE legs, 1 CD leg
~In Loving Memory~
Oct. 31, 2003 - Jul. 23, 2012

Rika's Dog
West Indian Island Dog
Born: April 2012
Adopted: October 30, 2013
Titles/Designations: None yet.

Rika's Cat
West Indian Semi-Domestic Short Hair
Born: May 2013
Adopted: March 19th, 2014

Stolen from Photo-Rabbit

Last Person That

1. Slept in your bed besides you? — Either Lilla or Julu.

2. Saw you cry? — Jeeze… probalby Kibeth…

3. You went to the movies with? —Julu to see Guardians of the Galaxy

4. You went out to dinner with? — Some vet school friends for a birthday party

5. You talked on the phone to? — My mom.

6. Made you laugh? — Lilla

Would You Rather

1. Pierce your nose or your tongue? —Nose I think… I hate metal in my mouth… too many orthodontic appliances in my past…

2. Be serious of be funny? — It depends on the situation… Mostly funny…

3. Drink whole or skimmed milk? — Skim! I don’t like milk in the first place… so yeah…

4. Die in a fire or drowning? — I think the answer is supposed to be drowning b/c suffocating is supposed to be better than burning alive.… but I’m too much of fish, I’ll die of exhaustion from treading water first, so that also sounds awful. Unless you give me a good wack on the head first and knock me out… but then either way I guess I wouldn’t notice… I think I’ll stick to my vet school friend’s hypothetical method of some euthasol and an iv pump… Morbid conversation over now. I like living.

5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? — My parents aren’t that bad. Some of the rest of the family is though.

Are You?

1. Simple or complicated? — So so complicated.

2. Straight, gay or bisexual? — Pretty sure I’m asexual.

3. Tall or short? — High end of average.

4. Right handed or left handed? — Righty.

5. A lover of music or a lover of books?— Both!

Do You Prefer

1. Flowers or sweets? —Both?

2. Grey or black? — Gah!!!! I don’t know.. maybe grey?

3. Colour photos or black-and-white photos? — Depends.

4. Sunrise or sunset?  - Either.

5. M&Ms or Skittles? — Both!

6. Staying up late or waking up early? — Staying up late.

7. Sun or moon? — Moon

8. Winter or Autumn? — Autumn.

9. 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?— 2 best friends...

10. Rainy or sunny? — Rainy

11. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? — Vanilla

12. Vodka or Jack? — Haha definitely rum.

About You

1. What time is it? — 9:59 PM

2. Name? — Rika

3. Nicknames? — Rika, Rikk, Berrrika, Rikkanna, Ears, Kyden-May

4. When is your birthday? — May

5. What do you want? — I don’t even know right now…

6. How many kids do you want? — animals.

7. What would you name a girl? — not a clue

8. What would you name a boy? — *shrugs*

9. You want to get married? — Meh probably won’t ever happen. I’m pretty okay with that I think.

10. What kind of music do you like? — Lots of stuff..


1. Nervous habits? — biting my check, pacing, messing with jewelry til my skin turns red, etc

2. Are you double-jointed? — Nope

3. Can you roll your tongue? — Yeah

4. Can you raise one eyebrow? — Yeah.

5. Can you cross your eyes? — Yeah...


1. Which shoe goes on first? — usually my right… but not always.

2. Ever thrown something at someone?— Yeah. Mostly in good fun…

3. On average, how much money do you carry with you? — Not very much. lol.

4. What jewelry do you wear? — several rings, a million bracelets, and usually a necklace… and earings…

5. Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? — I totally cut my spagetti… lol.

6. Have you ever eaten Spam? — Nope.

7. Favourite ice cream? — Mint chocolate chip

8. How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? — none at the moment. lol.

9. Can you cook? — Eh I can follow most recipes. I like it, but I never have time these days.


Alcoholic beverage? — Pina colada at a friend’s birthday party

Car ride? — like an hour ago…

Movie seen? – Gone in 60 seconds

Song played? — Fix Me

Person you saw? — Kibeth

Time you cried?-  I’ve been so close all week… totally due for a catastrophic meltdown…

Fight? – Never really been in a physical fight… argument not that long ago…
  • Mood: Angsty
  • Listening to: Fix Me
  • Reading: Homestuck -I blame you, Lilla
  • Playing: study study study...
  • Eating: curry
  • Drinking: caffeine...

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